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Postponed... We will reschedule!

Growing Older

Going Deeper

A Contemplative Approach to the Elder

A Day Retreat with Ruah Bull

Saturday, April 25
​9:30am - 3:30pm

Cost: $50, or as you are able.

Workshop Overview:


For generations, the hearts of Native American teachers have been crying out to the dominant culture; “ You have so many old people, but where are your elders?” More and more of us now are recognizing that this is our own hearts' cry. Living in an ageist culture that perceives aging as only the on-going failure to remain middle-aged, we ask; “Might old age be its' own stage of growth? Might it have its' own tasks, challenges and gifts, personal and collective gifts, spirituality? Might Spirit be moving in very powerful and subtle ways in and through me at this time?” The day will be spent in contemplating, with poetry, four initiating movements. We will explore our aging process through what is sustaining, what is releasing, what is opening and what is being revealed. Integrating teaching, quiet time, small and large group sharing, we'll reflect on how each of us is being uniquely called into being Elder.



Ruah Bull, M.A., M.Ed., is a spiritual director, centering prayer teacher, and adjunct faculty member at Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA. For the past twenty years, she has facilitated retreats in Contemplative Practice and Incarnational Spirituality in the North Bay. Since 2015, Ruah has found herself called to support individuals and groups desiring to explore – with tenderness, courage, wisdom and joy – the archetype and spiritual practice of Elder. After spending forty Spirit-led years away from Christianity exploring many other traditions, she returned to Catholicism through the contemplatives and mystics. Her personal passion is in participating in ecumenical community that enters into the presence that is one with the Presence.

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