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UCC's Five Core Values

  • We build connection as a community through authentic relationship.

  • We are open-minded and curious seekers.

  • We practice radical hospitality.

  • We practice an engaged spiritual life in our worship and life together.

  • We value active service.


We are a progressive Christian community rooted in open & affirming tradition - offering a pluralist expression of faith. We explore our humanity and Divinity in the context of an ancient-modern conversation. Beginning with the Judeo-Christian story, we welcome all the world's religions, philosophies, and wisdom to expand our understanding. What does this look like exactly? Well, it's complicated, and beautiful and a bit messy. And it occurs to us, that's the way real life is. There are no tests here. You are welcome to enter the full life of the UCCP community without expectation that you believe certain things. You'll find just about every flavor of faithful life in our midst. We follow in the Way of Jesus which is often counter-cultural to church as you may have experienced it. We not only welcome, but we affirm every person, just as Jesus did, just as you are, a beloved child of God. We practice the five core values you see here. If these resonate with you, we imagine you might find UCC a place of enduring value to you and your family. If you'd like to speak in more detail with a real person, Pastor Jason or any of those you find here would be glad to make time. You can reach Jason (he/him) at 616-634-1452 or

SUNDAYS @ 10:00am

Worship gatherings at UCC are rooted in a pluralist Christian practice, exploring how the world's many religions and philosophical traditions can expand our faithful understanding. We practice an engaged spirituality that calls us to show up and practice with our lives in community. UCC holds no set expectation of your personal understanding of faith or God. We are a place with a tradition that invites you to be an open-minded seeker. You'll find a variety of people who are on an even greater variety of paths here.

Our Children, Youth, and Families 

Our Pastor would be happy to meet with you to help shape our offerings to serve your family's needs.

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UCCP is an open and affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ who believes and practices that all people are loved by the God of their understanding, just as they are. All gender identities, sexual orientations, races, ages and abilities are affirmed into the full life, work, and leadership of the church. The UCC was first to affirm and ordain women, African Americans, LGBTQ persons and continues to lead the world in engaging the social justice concerns of our times.

Young ones are always welcome to be in church for the whole hour - or to leave worship with their peers accompanied by our DRE and skilled/caring leaders who guide them in a time of sharing and learning. UCCP practices the UCC's national safe church policy in order to assure that all our young ones are safe as they are led and cared for by our staff and volunteers. Children will be invited to their age-appropriate experience about 15 minutes after worship begins. We have activity bags located in the narthex (the gathering area just outside the interior sanctuary doors) for children who remain in worship.  There are also rocking chairs with room to nurse or to spread out a blanket on the floor for babies and toddlers to play.

Hearing assistance units are available in the narthex. We also have a loop system which you can access by turning your hearing aid to the “t” setting.

An ADA restroom is located just outside the sanctuary, through the double doors.

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