UCC is a congregationalist church. What does that mean? Among many values, it means that you, the people, ALL the people, hold the power to lead and serve the UCCP community. Yes, we have paid staff and an ordained pastor.  They are skilled servants who we empower to work WITH our congregation's leadership. We are committed, in the tradition of Jesus' rabbinic way, to listening deeply to the newest voices among us. We welcome you to have an immediate and honored voice with the congregation. Below are a number of people who are involved in different areas of our ministry and mission. Feel free to contact them directly to learn more!

Rev. Jason Hubbard

Hi, I'm Rev. Jason Hubbard, Pastor and Head of Staff at UCC. My work is to help UCCP explore the great depth of an ancient tradition and connect that wisdom to our real lives. I also help to inspire us all to become active in shaping our world for the just and the good. I haven't always been a minister. I've built several businesses, been a stay-at-home Dad, raised five kids in a blended family, and have lots of stuff I'm still working on. I earned a Masters in Divinity at Western Theological Seminary where I learned to love the ancient languages behind an English bible that never made much sense to me. If I have to name my way, I'm something like a mystic-jewish-christian-yogi-pluralist.  What does that mean? Well, we'd have to spend some time together to really explore it. And that's why I'm here - to spend time with you and your desire to create a life of deeper meaning and greater value. Church is messy and so beautiful it will burst your heart. I invite you to a messy, playful, deeply honest, truly life-changing journey at UCC Petaluma. You can reach me directly at 616-634-1452 or

Dana Christian Lee

Hi, I'm Dana, Director of Religious Education for Children at UCC. I come to UCC with a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and enjoyed many years teaching middle school. I now enjoy leading religious education in pluralist churches. I welcome all children to be seen, valued, and a part of something larger than themselves. I work closely with our Pastor (who happens to be by husband) to empower our young people explore their natural ability to be spiritual and to learn how the many traditions of our world can inform an inclusive and relationship Christian practice. I'm a professional yoga teacher, as well as a nonprofit founder and director when not here at UCC.  I'm here to help you as a family to share to beauty and power of church with your children. You can reach me directly at: 

Lynn Berard

Hi, I'm Lynn, the Council Moderator at UCC. The Moderator is chosen by the congregation to lead the church council, which is responsible for things like mission-vision, strategy, and less fancy-sounding things like making sure we take care of the property, share our gifts well, and support our many relationships with communities like Spring Hill Montessori, the Unitarian Universalists of Petlauma, and United Pentacostals who also gather here in the beautiful buildings and grounds we are blessed to steward.  You can reach me directly at: 

Al Martin

Hello, My name is Al Martin. I 'm the Music Director at UCC Petaluma.  I am a gay man who is continuing to seek discernment in my personal pilgrimage as a Christian. Born and raised as a Southern Baptist, I earned my MA in musicology at UNC-Chapel Hill. Since 2002, I have led UCCP's Adult Choir, serve as church organist and musician. Worship music at UCC is a blend of hymns, anthems, and popular music with deep spiritual relevance. We welcome new choir members and other musicians to share their gifts (vocal or instrumental). We seek to enrich our musical worship experience in new and inventive ways. You can reach me directly at: 

Kathleen Tobin

Hi, I'm Kathleen, UCC's Administrator. I'm a 3 rd generation California native, but have also lived in Seattle, Hawaii, D.C., and Michigan.
My husband and I are from Southern California, but when we returned to California we  settled in the Bay Area. We have two daughters, one a sophomore in college, and one finishing high school (2019). I've been working with the United Church of Christ in Petaluma for over 5 years. I very much enjoy interacting with the members of the congregation, and since my faith is a personal strength for me, it is a pleasure to be reminded of that benefit at work. You can reach me directly at:


UCC Petaluma 825 Middlefield Dr. Petaluma, Ca 94952