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to heal, inspire, and empower in the Way of Jesus

so that all people may create lives of deeper meaning & greater value

Our Values

We are a progressive faith community, Open & Affirming, Pluralist, and ever-evolving in our history with Christian tradition. We explore our humanity and Divinity in the context of an ancient-modern conversation. You'll find just about every flavor of faithful life in our midst.


Beginning with the Judeo-Christian story, we welcome all the world's religions, philosophies, and wisdom to expand our understanding. What does this look like exactly?  Well, it's complicated, and beautiful and a bit messy. And it occurs to us, that's the way real life is.


There are no tests here. You are welcome to enter the full life of the UCCP community without expectation that you believe certain things. We follow in the Way of Jesus which is often counter-cultural to church as you may have experienced it. Our denomination, the UCC,  was first to affirm and ordain women, African Americans, LGBTQ persons and continues to lead the world in engaging the social justice concerns of our times.


We not only welcome, but we affirm every person, just as Jesus did, just as you are.

We orient our learning and practice around six Loving Actions: Promises, Knowing & being known, Respect, Responsibility, Care, and Trust. If these resonate with you, we imagine you might find UCC a place of enduring value to you and your household.

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