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Pr. Jason Hubbard

Hello, I'm Jason - Pastor and Head of Staff. My work is to help our congregation and community explore the depths of an ancient tradition and connect that wisdom to our real lives. I also help individuals and the community together to become active in shaping our world for a just and common good. I haven't always been a minister. I've built businesses, been a stay-at-home Dad, raised many kids in a blended family, and am recently married adding a wonderful woman, 3 more adult children, and a grand-baby into my life. All that and I still have lots to work on. I earned a Masters in Divinity at Western Theological Seminary where I learned to love the ancient languages behind an English bible that never made much sense to me. If I have to name my way, I'm something like a mystic-jewish-christian-pluralist with an affinity for yoga. What does that mean? Well, we'd have to spend some time together to really explore it. And that's why I'm here - to spend time with you and your desire to create a life of deeper meaning and greater value. I invite you to a messy, playful, deeply honest, truly life-changing journey at UCC Petaluma.

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